• Attempt all the questions on a daily basis in a time-bound manner (i.e for 15 Maker – 9 minutes & 10 Marker – 7 Minutes)

  • Read and Review answers written by your peers. This will bring more dimensions, ideas, and thoughts to your writing skills.

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Question 1: Discuss the changing political scenario and strengthening security ties between Russia and China. 

Source: ORF

Question 2: Sardine run, often described as "greatest shoal on earth” are highly affected by climate change. Discuss the causes and suggest suitable measures to reduce the effect of climate change on this annual phenomenon. 

Source: Down-To-Earth

Question 3: Discuss the role of a national minimum wage as a path to curb distress migration. 

Source: Live Mint

Question 4. India is witnessing an increased variability of monsoons and rapidly depleting groundwater tables. In such crisis, discuss the need to implement innovative water management measures in the country. 

Source: The Hindu

Question 5: The Central Government’s stand on cryptocurrency changed from “regulation” to “blanket ban”. Comment.

Source: Indian Express