Mains Drill | 8th June 2019 |

By Moderator June 8, 2019 09:27


• Attempt all the questions on a daily basis in a time-bound manner (i.e for 15 Maker – 9 minutes & 10 Marker – 7 Minutes)
• Read and Review answers written by your peers. This will bring more dimensions, ideas, and thoughts to your writing skills.

We, on daily basis, would try our best to review your answers and provide you with the right guidance and mentorship.

Question 1: Neighbourhood first remains India’s foreign policy priority, but the emphasis has shifted from SAARC to BIMSTEC. Comment

Source: Indian Express

Question 2: Creating jobs for an increasingly educated workforce and ensuring that the new workers are well equipped to enter the labor force are twin challenges that deserve the greatest priority. Analyze. Also, discuss the various initiative taken by the government to improve the employability among educated youth.

Source: Indian express

Question 3: Discuss the impact of globalisation on Terrorism, Violation of Human Rights and Environment in India?

Question 4: A study reported in WHO states that at least 6.5 percent of the Indian population suffers from some form of serious mental disorder. What are the major factors that contribute to mental illness in India? What steps need to be taken to prevent mental Illness?

Question 5: Write a short note on ‘Shankaracharya philosophy and its impact’.

By Moderator June 8, 2019 09:27