• Attempt all the questions on a daily basis in a time-bound manner (i.e for 15 Maker – 9 minutes & 10 Marker – 7 Minutes)
• Read and Review answers written by your peers. This will bring more dimensions, ideas, and thoughts to your writing skills.
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Question 1: As India becomes a top medical tourism destination, the government must prioritise quality and affordable healthcare — not just for medical tourists, but for all. Illustrate the statement in the context of growing Medical tourism in India. Source: ORF Question 2: In times of growing urbanization, the importance of fire safety in urban spaces must be seen. Suggests several measures that need to be taken to address the issue of fire safety in metropolitan cities of India. Source: ORF Question 3: Trace the evolution of the religious views of Akbar. Write a note on his policy of Sulh-i-kul. Question 4: Discuss the main factors leading to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Question 5: Discuss the environmental problems of India in the context of rapid economic development and population growth.