Mains Drill 23rd July 2019

By Moderator July 23, 2019 08:24


• Attempt all the questions on a daily basis in a time-bound manner (i.e for 15 Maker – 9 minutes & 10 Marker – 7 Minutes)
• Read and Review answers written by your peers. This will bring more dimensions, ideas, and thoughts to your writing skills.

We, on a daily basis, would try our best to review your answers and provide you with the right guidance and mentorship.

Question 1: The successful launch of Chandrayaan 2 reaffirms India’s emergence as a major player in the race for dominance in space. Examine the statement in the context of chandrayaan 2 launch.

Source: The Hindu

Question 2: At a time when distress migration from rural to urban areas in search of jobs is rampant in India, the declaration of a low ‘The national floor-level minimum wage (NFLMW)’ is a bolt from the blue. Critically examine the statement in the context of the recent declaration of NFLMW.

Source: EPW

Question 3: Revolt of 1857 is ‘sepoy mutiny’ or ‘first war of independence’. Examine

Question 4: Implementation of GST and NEET is a major challenge to Indian Federalism. Discuss

Question 5: Do Lieutenant Governor has more power than the Governors of states? Explain

By Moderator July 23, 2019 08:24