Mains Drill | 10th July 2019 |

By Moderator July 10, 2019 09:39


• Attempt all the questions on a daily basis in a time-bound manner (i.e for 15 Maker – 9 minutes & 10 Marker – 7 Minutes)
• Read and Review answers written by your peers. This will bring more dimensions, ideas, and thoughts to your writing skills.

We, on a daily basis, would try our best to review your answers and provide you with the right guidance and mentorship.

Question 1: Discuss the importance of the development of the corporate bond market in India? What are the fresh measures announced in this year budget to boost the development of India’s corporate bond market?

Source: Indian Express

Question 2: India’s approach of importing conventional weapons without a clear strategic direction or forward planning is a recipe to keep the country perpetually import-dependent. Critically examine the importance of indignation of defense equipment for national security?

Source: Hindustan Times

Question 3: The government has announced an ambitious target of providing piped clean drinking water to all rural households by 2024. Discuss the importance of providing piped clean drinking water and challenges in its implementation.

Source: ORF

Question 4: Bring out the development of river water transport in India and its role in regional development.

Question 5: The Battle of Plassey (1757) marked the beginning of political supremacy of the English East India Company in India. Critically Examine.

By Moderator July 10, 2019 09:39