Mahadayi River Dispute

  • Mahadayi Water Disputes tribunal gave its final verdict bringing an end to a 50-year-old dispute.
  • In fact, the Mahadayi Water Disputes Tribunal has been hearing the tussle over the sharing of the Mahadayi or Mondovi River between the Goa, Karnataka and also Maharashtra, which delivered its final verdict.

The verdict by the Tribunal

  • Tribunal allocated 13.42 TMC water to Karnataka, 24 TMC to Goa
  • Maharashtra got the lowest share of 1.33 tmc for meeting its in-basin needs with respect to five projects.
  • Moreover, the tribunal also directed the Centre to set up the Mahadayi River Water Management Authority to implement its report and also a final decision.
  • However, the Mahadayi river basin drains an area of approx. 2032 square kilometres of which 375 square km lies in the Karnataka, 77 sq. km in Maharashtra and also the remaining in Goa.
  • Moreover, it originates in the Belagavi district of Karnataka, briefly passes through Maharashtra and also flows through Goa (where it is known as Mondovi), and also drains to the Arabian Sea.
  • However, since the eighties, the Karnataka has been contemplating linking of the Mahadayi with the Malaprabha River, a tributary of Krishna.
  • In the year of 2002, the Karnataka gave the idea a shape in the form of the Kalasa-Banduri project.
  • Moreover, Goa strongly opposed it as the Mahadayi is one of the two rivers the State is dependent on and also thus Mahadayi Water Disputes Tribunal was set up in the year of 2010.
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