• It is a unique breed of camels found only in Kachchh.
  • They have the special ability to survive on both, dry land and in the sea. 
  • They swim in seawater and feed on saline plants and mangroves. 
  • The Kharai was recognised as a separate breed in 2015 by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). 

Why are they threatened?

  • There has been heavy industrialisation (salt and cement factories) along the coastline of the areas inhabited by them which has restricted the access of the Kharai camels to their mangroves, on which they are dependent for their food.

Subspecies, Races, and Breeds

  • Subspecies: A group within a particular species that shares genetic characteristics with other group members but that it doesn’t share with members of the larger species. 
  • Race: Used most often to describe variation within the human species. 
  • Breed: Domestic animals (such as dogs and cows) whose characteristics are artificially selected and maintained by humans through animal husbandry are divided into breeds