The Karnataka government has reiterated its stance on 80% reservation in jobs for locals (Kannadigas) in private firms.

More on the news

  • There has been a long term demand for seeking more jobs for Kannadigas in State-Run enterprises and job reservation for locals in the private sector.
  • Earlier, the Karnataka government amended the Karnataka Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Rules,1961.
    • It sought to reserve 100% jobs for locals (Kannadigas) vis-a-vis group ‘C’ and group ‘D’ jobs in the private sector.
    • It became a point of contention as the activists pointed out that the amended rules only asked industrial establishments to give priority to Kannadigas.
    • It was neither made mandatory nor attracted any punitive measures in case of violation of rules.

Merits of the Case

  • In line with the welfarist approach of State government
  • Ensuring share of natives in the developmental process

Issues involved

  • Sons of soil politics may strengthen sub-nationalism with a similar chorus growing in Maharashtra, M.P, Haryana, Odisha, Himachal, etc.
  • In contravention with Article 16.
  • Compromise with a merit-based system
  • Definition of a local (Kannadiga) not delineated properly.
  • It comes as a disadvantage for the locals as companies quite often export the local talent to other parts of India or the world to help them gain exposure.

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