JV’s IAS Interview Guidance Program 2023-24


It is said that while the marks secured in CSE Mains decide whether a candidate will be on the list or not, it is the interview that actually determines their rank and plays a decisive role in service allotment. 

The UPSC CSE Mains Interview 2023 will commence on January 2 and go on till February 16, 2024.

Candidates who appeared in the personality test will have to fill out a Detailed Application Form (DAF) which contains information about the personal and professional life of the candidates.


The DAF is your bible for the entire 30 minutes. It has all the information regarding your cultural and educational background, professional history, experiences, hobbies, and interests. It is basically a summary of who you are. As most of your interview will most probably be spent discussing the information you provide in the DAFs, you are expected to be fully prepared to defend, analyse, and elaborate on every piece of information provided there. So, prepare the DAF very diligently and with utmost care.


Your answers need to be original and practical as armchair theoretical answers won’t work on the ground. The practical answers should be based on your experiences as the board is looking for practical solutions for the problems. Also, it helps if a candidate does not appear to be superficial. Being humble is a virtue 


We at JV’s IAS have jotted down a few points after talking to many serving IAS officers that may help in your interview. 

1. It is also to be expected that a candidate will know about his/her state and its geography

Prepare in advance questions related to the historical and geographical facts of your hometown and state.


2. Expect questions on your education qualifications and work profile 


Civil Servants believe that if a candidate is employed at the time of the interview, or was previously employed but resigned, then should be prepared to face questions on his job role and responsibilities, history of the organisation, and reasons for leaving among others. DGP Mr. Sylendra Babu IPS


3. Another very important tip is to be honest.

Sharing an experience with his encounter with a UPSC aspirant, Ex- UPSC Chairman Prof D. P. Agarwal said that once a candidate mentioned in his DAF that he helped his father in agriculture as his hobby. But when the panel went on to ask basic questions such as the types of crops grown or the unit of land measurement used in the state, the candidate was found to be fumbling. Needless to say, this left a bad impression on the panel members. Thus, be honest about achievements and hobbies in the DAF.

An individual's personality is a product of his/her subjective experiences and their interaction with their environment. It cannot be built in a matter of days. But, proper guidance can definitely help you hone your strengths, improve your answering style and body language.

Clear thinking, appropriate answer and right combination of words is the holy trinity that the interview panel is looking for. And for that, proper guidance and practice is the key. We at JV’s IAS Interview Guidance Program 2023-24 present you the opportunity to have exposure to some of the finest bureaucrats retired as well as working, subject matter experts, psychoanalysts, and faculty members who have had direct experience in recruitment and personality analysis.


JV’s IAS Interview Guidance Program 2023-24 

For registration, visit the following link: https://www.jatinverma.org/premium/interviewguidanceprogramme2023-24


Our Mock Interview Board will have the following members: 

1. Sh. P.K. Laheri, Former Chief Secretary, Gujarat

2. Sh. Mohan Kanda, Former Chief Secretary, Andhra Pradesh

3. Sh. Anil Trigunayat, Former Ambassador

4. Sh. Ashok Kumar, Former DGP Uttarakhand 


The mock Interview Sessions will begin from 27th December 2023.


DAF discussions are being conducted on a daily basis with in-service members and Jatin Verma Sir.


To get the slot for DAF Discussion, whatsapp us on 8882932365.