Welcome to Jatin Verma’s IAS Academy “Daily Target Initiative” for UPSC CSE Prelims – 2021. The timetable is designed to help you to cover all important sources multiple times in an organised manner with discipline.

The timetable has been prepared taking into consideration the different levels of preparation of each aspirant.


  • Starts: 8th February 2021
  • Completion: 25th June 2021
  • Timings: 9a.m. Daily
  • Daily targets for weekdays.
  • CSAT targets included from 15th March onwards.
  • Sundays: Revision/Completion of pending portions.

       (Working aspirants will have targets for Sunday too)

  • Three different targets for:
    • Freshers,
    • Experienced aspirants
    • Working/College students/Housewives.
  • Minimum FOUR times revision of entire GS syllabus
  • 3-4 times revisions of current affairs
  • Integration of tests with daily targets
  • Apart from daily targets we will be providing you with the upcoming weeks broad targets in advance so that you can understand where you are heading w.r.t your preparation.



What is the objective of  “Daily Targets Initiative”?

  • Objective is to enable students to prepare for Prelims 2021 smartly by self study.
  • Self Study based preparation is often unplanned which leads to inefficient preparation.
  • Students often are not able to cover the entire syllabus which leads to failures and wastage of entire years of effort.
  • “Daily Targets Initiative” is scientifically designed for the next 120 days (excluding Sundays) to cover the entire syllabus along with revision.

Who should follow this program?

  • Students who are preparing for Prelims 2021 in self-study mode without any classes/coaching support.
  • Students who have taken some coaching/classes, but would like to follow a disciplined approach to syllabus completion for both Prelims and Mains.
  • Working candidates who would like to prepare on their own but need a plan to follow.
  • Students who do not have guidance from teachers/seniors and are preparing alone from home.

With respect to Optional – including it in this timetable was very tricky. We do not recommend Freshers or Working aspirants to spend much time on Optional right now but if you are able to finish the daily targets and have any remaining time, you can devote 1 hour on the same.

As for experienced players, we have included Optional in the timetable itself for them.

The decision to start was all you needed. The fact that you are reading this article itself shows that you have already made the resolution to start. Now all that remains is for you to trust us and try the process with lots of faith. 

Your faith is the key ingredient needed to make this initiative work for you. Believe us. Even if you follow 70-80 percent of this plan, you are guaranteed to see a lot of improvements, which is definitely going to reflect in the scores of your tests scheduled later in the timetable. 

Looking forward to your participation. Keep growing. Keep evolving. Keep grinding.