The first batch of special winter-grade diesel for the high-altitude regions of Ladakh that can withstand extremely low temperatures during the winter months been flagged off from Panipat Refinery to ladakh. The fuel is developed by Indian Oil Corporation (IOC).

Need for Special Fuel:

  • Fuel is developed for motorists as they face the problem of freezing of diesel in their vehicles when winter temperatures reach -30 deg Celsius in high-altitude sectors like Ladakh, Kargil, Kaza and Keylong
  • Regular diesel fuel contains paraffin wax which is added for improving viscosity and lubrication. At low temperatures, the paraffin wax thickens or “gels” and hinders the flow of the fuel in the car engine.
  • Special types of diesel are thus used at low temperatures that contain additives enabling the fuel to remain fluid in such conditions.


Significance of New Fuel:

  • The winter-grade diesel developed by IOC has a low pour point (the temperature below which the liquid loses its flow characteristics) of -33° Celsius, making it capable of withstanding the extreme winter weather conditions in Ladakh.
  • It would reduce the hardships faced by the local people for transportation and mobility during winter months.
  • It will also facilitate the local economy and tourism.