Context: The Election Commission of India is organizing an International Virtual Election Visitors Programme 2020 (IEVP) for foreign Election Management Bodies (EMBs)/Organisations in the context of the ongoing Bihar Legislative Assembly Elections.  

More on news: 

  • Delegates from over 40 countries across the world including Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, etc. and 3 international organizations as follows are invited to participate in the IEVP 2020
    • International IDEA,  
    • International Foundation of Electoral Systems (IFES) and 
    • Association of World Election Bodies (A-WEB)

Objectives of IVEP, 2020:

Sharing best practices: Bihar elections provide ECI with an opportunity to share best practices and experience of the conduct of the poll process during the pandemic period. 

  • The Programme will provide a unique overview of the Commission’s flagship programme for voter awareness – SVEEP (Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation).
  • The participants are being invited to a virtual tour of polling stations in Bihar and various arrangements at the polling station for a free, fair, participative and safe election.

Systematic Voters Education and Electoral Participation Programs

  • It is the flagship program of the Election Commission of India for voter education, spreading voter awareness and promoting voter literacy in India. 
  • SVEEP’s primary goal is to build a truly participative democracy in India by encouraging all eligible citizens to vote and make an informed decision during the elections. 
  • The programme is based on multiple general as well as targeted interventions which are designed according to the socio-economic, cultural and demographic profile of the state as well as the history of electoral participation in previous rounds of elections and learning thereof.

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