Objective of the scheme: 

  • To strengthen  and consolidate the efforts for  tiger, elephant and wildlife conservation in the country.
  • To address the Man-Animal conflict effectively and benefit the communities relocating from core protected areas.  

More about the scheme:

  • The Integrated Development of Wildlife Habitats (IDWH) is a Centrally Sponsored Scheme launched during the 11th Plan period to provide technical and financial assistance to States/UTs for protection of wildlife habitat.
  • The activities covered under the scheme include the staff development and capacity building, wildlife research and evaluation, anti-poaching activities, wildlife veterinary care, addressing man-animal conflicts and promoting eco-tourism. 
  • Financial assistance is also provided to States for relocation of communities from within protected areas to other areas.
  • These schemes would generate employment opportunities resulting in economic upliftment of people in and around tiger reserves/ Protected Areas besides leading to reduction in natural resource dependency with substitution by clean energy use.

The scheme has following three components:

  • Support to Protected Areas (National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Conservation Reserves and Community Reserves).
  • Protection of Wildlife Outside Protected Areas
  • Recovery programmes for saving critically endangered species and habitats.

The implementation of the schemes is done through the respective States in designated Tiger Reserves, Protected Areas and Elephant Reserves.