India – Mexico Bilateral Relationship

deepak mehto
By deepak mehto October 9, 2019 18:23

India – Mexico relationship on the world stage is progressing towards a strategic partnership from a privileged partnership established back in 2007.

Background of India – Mexico relationship

  • India – Mexico has had 69 years of diplomatic relations based on mutual interest and understanding.
  • Mexico was the 1st Latin American country to recognize India after its independence in 1947.
  • Presently, the new government and another term for both leaders, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and India Prime minister Narendra Modi respectively are set for broader and deeper collaboration upon our shared democratic values.

Cooperation among India – Mexico to achieve the common goal of  social development and inclusion:

  • Promote trade and investment in priority sectors
  • Improve market access especially for agricultural products
  • Promote tourism
  • Foster cooperation in many areas, such as energy, science, and technology
  • Both Mexico and India determined to strengthen multilateralism and the rules-based international system and to foster cooperation within mechanisms such as the G20.

Achievements, opportunities, and strengths in the bilateral ties

  • Trading partner:

o   Mexico has become India’s top trading partner in Latin America and it is the top investor from the region in India.

o   For the 1st time, India is among Mexico’s top 10 commercial partners.

o   Bilateral trade between the two countries reached $10 billion in 2018 which is four times of the trade volume that was in 2009.

  • Tourism:

o   The depth and vision of bilateral ties rest on shared ancient and rich civilizations and cultural partnerships.

o   In 2018, Mexico attracted 41 million international tourists, 6% more than the previous year and has become the 6th most-visited country in the world.

o   Both India and Mexico are home to about  35 UNESCO World Heritage sites.

o   Mexico provides endless opportunities to Indian tourists in terms of adventure tourism, ancient archaeological sites, magical colonial towns, unforgettable gastronomy.

o   Indian tourists arrival to Mexico has trumped many European nations

o   Increased connectivity between 2 nations will not only enhance tourism but also increase trade and business cooperation.

India and Mexico can look forward to new fields like space cooperation to achieve the common goals of social development and inclusion, find local answers to global issues and strengthen the bilateral issues. India and Mexico can also shape the global agenda which can benefit the communities in both nations through firm solidarity.

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deepak mehto
By deepak mehto October 9, 2019 18:23