In news: 

The Indian and French navies will start coordinated patrols in the Indian Ocean region next year.

France’s Interest in Indian Ocean:

  • Overseas Territories like Reunion Islands formed a critical part of Indian Ocean region.
  • 70% of French trade passes through the Straits of Babel Mandeb, Hormuz and Malacca and  security of these vital arteries is important for France.
  • Strengthening its Indo Pacific Strategy


  • This will be the first time that the Indian Navy will be conducting coordinated patrols with any country outside its immediate neighbourhood.
  • Ensure a rule based order is established in the region and Sea Lanes of Communication (SLOC) are remained open and secure for trade.
  • It will also help in streamlining security of region Streamline by curtailing piracy off the coast of somalia.
  • It is also refrain countries like China from conducting any activity which threatens international peace and order. 


The Joint Patrolling will add another feather to the crown of already strengthened Indo-France relations.