India Facing Sea Level Rise Amid Severe Heat: Centre

By Moderator June 29, 2019 12:30

The annual rate of sea level rise at some locations, according to studies available with the ministry

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  • India is confronting a range of climate change-influenced effects, ranging from severe heat waves to an increase in the frequency and magnitude of extreme rainfall and rising sea levels, the ministry of earth sciences has warned.
  • The Indian region has recorded a warming trend of 0.6 degree Celsius over pre-industrial levels, as per observational data available with the ministry of earth sciences
  • This indicated that several coastal areas in India were recording a rise in sea levels. It is comparable with the global average and actually higher in some cases.
    • Diamond Harbour in West Bengal, for example, recorded a sea level rise rate of 5.16 mm per year between 1948 and 2005;
    • Kandla in Gujarat recorded a sea level rise rate of 2.89 mm/year compared to a global average of 1.8 mm/year over the last century, according to the fifth assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).
  • Current data with the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) indicates an average rate of sea level rise of 3.1 mm/year.
  • India had become vulnerable to extreme climate events like tsunamis, floods or droughts because of climate change.
    • Indian coast has a threat from a Tsunami that can get generated due to large undersea earthquakes. The earthquakes and Tsunamis are not due to climatic variations.
      • However, the coastal inundation by tsunamis can exacerbate the impact on coastal zones due to sea level rise.

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By Moderator June 29, 2019 12:30