Why In News :- Recently, India and Bangladesh Prime Ministers met and decided to resolve all bilateral issues, including the differences over the waters of the Teesta, “at an early date”.

Issues Discussed in Meeting:-

  • The two sides signed seven agreements that include
  • Railways
  • Science and technology
  • Space cooperation, media
  • Water sharing
  • Teesta Water Sharing Treaty
  • Common border river Kushiyara
  • Ganga Waters Agreement of 1996
  • Annual floods in both the countries 

Common Rivers between India and Bangladesh 

  • The Ganges
  • Teesta
  • Manu
  • Muhuri
  • Khowai 
  • Gumti 
  • Dharla 
  • Dudhkumar 
  • Kushiyara.

India Bangladesh Relations

  • Political Relations 
  • India was among few countries who initially recognized Bangladesh and established diplomatic relations immediately after when Bangladesh got independence. 
  • SAARC , BIMSTEC , Indian ocean Coastal Regional cooperation Association , Commonwealth group are some major platforms which both countries share. 
  • Economic Sharing
  • India’s biggest trade partner in the South Asian region is Bangladesh. 
  • Total exports from India to Bangladesh during  2021 was nearly 14 billion us dollar. 
  • Many experts are expecting that in the coming years Bangladesh will become the fourth largest export destination. 
  • Bangladesh majorly exports Garments and textile products to India and many other countries which is playing the biggest role in its economic growth. 
  • Infrastructural Cooperation
  • India and Bangladesh both share cooperation in the power sector which is one of the main symbol of their relations. 
  • In case of power import, Bangladesh imports 1160 MegaWatt of power from India.
  • In short terms it can be said that Bangladesh is India’s one of the major development partners. 
  • India is currently helping Bangladesh in its development related to railways , roads , shipping , ports etc by extending line of credit accounting 8 billion dollars. 
  • Military Cooperation 
  • High level dialogue exchange between service chief of all three forces 
  • Director General level talks between coast guards are very helpful in improving bilateral defence relations. 
  • Various military exercise takes place between both countries are 
  • Exercise Sampriti 
  • Exercise Milan 
  • Some programmes to improve connectivity between people of both countries
  • Both the governments decided to commence Bus Service 
  • The Government of India is training nearly 2000 civil service officials from Bangladesh. 
  • Events like Yoga , Kathak , Mainpuri dance , classic music and cultural program is promoting people to people contact. 

Some recent development in relationship between both countries related to railways 

  • Both the countries Inaugurated the restored railway link between Chilahati (Bangladesh) and Haldibari (India).
  • Some examples are Passenger trains between India and Bangladesh such as Bandhan Express, Maitree Express ,Mitali Express
  • India gave 10 broad gauge diesel locomotives as part of grant assistance to Bangladesh Railways.
  • Both the governments are undertaking various measures to restore the pre-1965 rail links and other connectivity links that existed between India and Bangladesh.

Some steps needed for more improvement in their relationship 

  • There is a need to resolve the river water dispute so that it can act as a better way to boost India- Bangladesh relationship. 
  • Agencies of both sides need more engagement so that issues like illegal trading , trafficking , cattle smuggling etc get reduced. 
  • Both the sides should work together to strengthen groups like SAARC, BIMSTEC etc. so that the Neighbourhood policy of India gets better. 
  • India should look at many more ways so that the relationship with Bangladesh gets deeper, especially keeping in mind one thing that the geopolitics and geo-economics of south Asia and the whole world is continuously changing. 
  • Stability needs to be maintained in the relations of both countries , as both the countries are more or less agreed on most of the issues.