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The widespread adoption of renewable energy technologies creates employment opportunities up and down the supply chain, according to the latest report by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). More in News
  • Worldwide, the sector employed 11 million people at the end of 2018, according to this sixth edition of the Energy and Jobs series.
  • From 7.28 million jobs in 2012, it grew up to 10.98 million, the highest, in 2018, despite slower growth in key renewable energy markets including China, showed the report titled Renewable Energy and Jobs – Annual Review 2019.
Important Findings
  • The biggest employers were:
    • Solar photovoltaics (PV) — 3.6 million
    • Bioenergy — 2.1 million
    • Hydro — 2.1 million
    • Wind power industries — 2 million
  • India accounted for 719,000 jobs in 2018
  • Asia hosted over 3 million PV jobs or nearly nine-tenths of the global total.
  • 32 per cent of the renewable energy workforce is represented by women. It is higher than the 22 per cent average reported for the global oil and gas industry, the report showed.
  • Renewable energy’s geographic footprint has changed significantly since 2012. Until now, China, the United States and the European Union have largely remained the major markets for renewable industries. However, it has no significant presence in east and southeast Asian countries, who have emerged key exporters of solar PV panels, along with China.
    • Countries including Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam were responsible for a greater share of growth in renewables jobs last year, which allowed Asia to maintain a 60 per cent share of renewable energy jobs worldwide.
Employment opportunities are a key consideration in planning for low-carbon economic growth. Many governments have prioritised energy development, firstly to reduce emissions and meet international climate goals, but also in pursuit of broader socio-economic benefits. Also read: PM Modi To Head Cabinet Committees On Growth, Employment Engage local communities to protect marine life: Study Source: