Q.3)Whenever global rankings of universities are announced, there is always a discussion about India’s poor performance. The overall culture of research is largely missing in Indian institutions. What are the reasons behind it and what should be the way out?

Why this Question:

Recently, the World University Rankings for 2021 have been announced.

Key demand of the Question:

Causes of the underdeveloped research culture in India and the measures needed to develop it.


Introduce the level of research in Indian Universities. Use some statistics like the level of GDP allocation for research and development.


In the first part, categorically explain the causes behind the low level of research in India- faulty education system, focus on rote learning of facts, little or no focus on aptitude, etc.

In the next part, mention some of the steps that have been taken by the government in this context and enlist the measures that should be adopted to further promote a research culture in India. 


Conclude with the importance of research culture in the development of any country using examples of some other countries like US, China, etc.