Q)The Western Ghats is an important biosphere hotspot which requires conservation efforts. Critically analyze with respect to the Gadgil Committee report on conservation of Western Ghats.

Why this question:

Western Ghats was recently in news due to the construction of a long tunnel in Kerala and it is also an important part of GS paper III.

Key demand of the question:

Conservation efforts for an ecologically sensitive area like the Western Ghats and the report of the Gadgil committee in relation to it.


Critically analyze- The key to tackling this question is providing ample evidence to support the claims. Ensure that the analysis is balanced by shedding light on, and presenting a critique of, and alternative perspectives. Present extensive evidence taken from a varying range of sources.


Mention about the Western Ghats and its geographical location in India and the states it runs through. 


In the first part, highlight the importance of Western Ghats for India’s ecosystem and the significance it carries for the biodiversity, flora and fauna, and also for the people living around it including the tribals. Also, mention the threats that the area faces due to constructions, global warming, ecological disturbance, deforestation, etc.

In the next part, give a brief introduction about the Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel (WGEEP) headed by ecologist Madhav Gadgil and its report on the conservation of Western Ghats and why they need to be implemented.


Conclude with a way forward.