Q.4)The waste-to-energy initiative can boost India's goal of “energy diversification”. Critically evaluate.

Why this Question:

Indian Oil and NDMC have signed a MoU for development of a waste to energy plant at Ranikhera.

Key demand of the Question:

Evaluation of the waste-to-energy initiative and its future in India.


Give your verdict as to what extent a statement or findings within a piece of research are true, or to what extent you agree with them. Provide evidence taken from a wide range of sources which both agree with and contradict an argument. Come to a final conclusion, basing your decision on what you judge to be the most important factors and justify how you have made your choice.


Give an introduction about the waste-to-energy initiative of the government.


In the first part, write about advantages of the initiative and the need and impact of this initiative in a country like India where maximum of the energy demands are met from imports and mostly of the conventional sources of energy which are non-renewable.

In the next part, mention the challenges that the initiative is likely to face.


Conclude by giving a way forward to overcome the challenges.