Q.2)The technological innovations in the healthcare industry are providing new ways to improve the quality of care delivered and improve the state of global healthcare. In the light of the above statement, elaborate on the role of technological innovations in the health care sector. Why this Question:

Healthcare and its policies have been in the news due to the pandemic.

Key demand of the Question:

Role that technological innovations can play in reforming the healthcare sector.


Elaborate- To give in more detail, provide more information on.


Give a brief introduction about the healthcare policies in India and the traditional approach they follow.


In the first part, explain the ways in which technology can be used in the health sector.

In the next part, highlight the reforms that use of technology can bring in the healthcare sector and delivery of health services to the people.

Also, suggest measures that can be adopted by the government.


Conclude with the need of reforming the health sector to achieve the goal of Health for All and Universal Health Coverage.