Q.1)The RTI law has been a breakthrough in creating mechanisms and platforms for the practice of continual public vigilance. In this context, critically analyse the recent amendments proposed to the RTI Act, 2005.

Why this question:

An important part of GS paper II.

Key Demand of the question:

The impact that the recent RTI Act amendments proposed by the government will have on Right to Information.


Critically analyze- The key to tackling this question is providing ample evidence to support the claims. Ensure that the analysis is balanced by shedding light on, and presenting a critique of, and alternative perspectives. Present extensive evidence taken from a varying range of sources.


Briefly introduce the RTI Act and the purpose it tries to achieve.


In the first part, mention the amendments that have been proposed and the arguments given by the government in their favour. 

In the next part, write the issues with the amendments and how it will diminish the very purpose of the RTI act.


Conclude with a way forward.