Q.3)The role of Khap Panchayats has increased during the farmer protests. Critically examine how Khap Panchayats help in strengthening local rural governance.

Why this question:

The Khap Panchayats have been playing an important part in the farmers’ protests over the Farm Laws.

Key demand of the question:

The role and Khap Panchayats in rural areas and the issues associated with them. Provide solutions for the issues.


Critically examine - This question expects you to first present the judgment, then put forward your opinion on the judgment and substantiate it. Mention the opposite argument and highlight the drawbacks of the argument. Conclude by giving your firm opinion on the topic


Briefly introduce what are Khap Panchayats and areas where they are prevalent.  


In the first part, mention the importance of Khap Panchayats in strengthening governance in rural areas w.r.t. quick decisions on issues, trust it has among the masses.

In the next part, highlight the issues associated with them like female foeticide, honour killings, forced marriages, gender discrimination, etc. Mention about the SC ruling that interference of Khap Panchayats in the marital choices of individuals is illegal. Also mention that currently there is a need to regulate the functioning of khap Panchayats instead of completely turning them down, reform their structure and monitor their functions.


Conclude with a way forward.