Q.1 )The National Infrastructure Pipeline is a  pioneer policy in boosting India’s infrastructure requirements and manufacturing capacity. Critically analyze.

Why this Question 

The National Infrastructure Pipeline has been in the news for quite some time.

Key Demand of the question 

National infrastructure Pipeline- its components, merits and issues associated with it.


Critically analyse- The key to tackling this question is providing ample evidence to support the claims. Ensure that the analysis is balanced by shedding light on, and presenting a critique of, and alternative perspectives. Present extensive evidence taken from a varying range of sources.


Give a Brief introduction of the National Infrastructure Pipeline 


In the first part write about the objectives of the government that it aspires to achieve with the National Infrastructure Pipeline. 

In the next part, categorically mention the significance of the project- economic, transport, intra state trade, etc. Also mention the challenges in building the pipeline. 


Conclude with a way forward