Q.2)The IPCC report had highlighted climate change as the major reason for environmental destruction. Critically analyze how India can derive a policy to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

Why this question:

Experts have attributed the recent flood in Uttarakhand to the increase in Climate change.

Key demand of the question:

Need for a policy on climate change in India and measures needed to mitigate the damage caused by the increase in climate change.


Critically analyze- The key to tackling this question is providing ample evidence to support the claims. Ensure that the analysis is balanced by shedding light on, and presenting a critique of, and alternative perspectives. Present extensive evidence taken from a varying range of sources.


Introduce statistics from the IPCC report on climate change. 


In the first part, highlight the need for India to have a well-defined policy on climate change that focuses on limiting climate change in India.

In the next part, mention the crucial issues that the policy needs to address and the challenges that India would face in this direction.


Conclude with the impact that a national policy on climate change in India can have globally and help India in meeting its NDCs of the Paris Agreement and the SDGs formulated by the UN in time.