Q.8)Recovering and Revitalizing education for the COVID­19 generation is the need of the hour. Discuss.

Why this question:

The recent disruption in the education sector due to the COVID19 pandemic and the need to reform it.

Key demand of the Question:

Measures to reform the education sector to deal with the contemporary challenges such as those faced due to the COVID19 pandemic.


Give a brief introduction about how COVID19 caused complete disruption in the education sector due to the closure of schools.


In the first part, mention the challenges that the education sector has faced due to the COVID19 pandemic especially w.r.t. government schools, rural areas, children of the primary classes and also why were the issues caused- poor digital infrastructure, low literacy levels in rural areas, lack of digital education, etc.

In the next part, mention the measures adopted by the governments, both Central and state level have taken to fight the challenges, example the DIKSHA app, e-pathshala, NROER (National Repository of Open Educational Resources), NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) and other IT initiatives e-yantra (robotics education), etc.


Conclude by writing how these measures will reform the education sector and help in recovering from the pandemic and also help in dealing with the contemporary challenges of the digital world.