Q.1)“Fake news is no longer a rare or isolated phenomenon, but appears to be organized and shrewdly disseminated to a target population.” Substantiate. Also, highlight the causes of fake news and measures needed to tackle it.

Why this question:

The topic has come into light in the wake of farmer protests.

Key demand of the question:

Give recent examples of increasing fake news and mention its causes, impacts and measures needed to deal with it.


Substantiate- use several examples, evidence, and logical arguments. Show how a particular research topic or argument is valid by using evidence and arguments to support your claim.


Give a brief introduction of fake news.


In the first part give few examples where fake news was spread and it led to disastrous consequences like those during the initial days of the pandemic, recently during the farmer protests, etc.

In the next part, categorically mention the causes of fake news and its impacts briefly. Suggest measures to tackle it.


Conclude with a way forward.