Q.3)A free and independent media is often regarded as the fourth pillar/ fourth estate in any democracy. Discuss. 

Why this Question:

Recently ED raided the offices of an independent news agency.

Key demand of the question:

Importance of free and independent media and the challenges it is currently facing with adequate solutions.


Discuss- back up the answer by carefully selected evidence to make a case for and against an argument, or point out the advantages and disadvantages of the given context and finally arrive at a conclusion.


Introduce by mentioning how the media is the fourth pillar of democracy.


In the first part, highlight the importance of a free and independent media in the modern times in any democracy.

In the next part, write about the challenges it is currently facing- political pressure; fake news; paid news, etc.


Conclude with a way forward and how infringing press rights has a chilling effect on fundamental rights.