Q.2) The pandemic has negatively affected learning outcomes for students globally and in India. Discuss the need for  placing education at the centre of the recovery.  (150 words)

Why this question?

  • According to UNESCO estimates, about 1.6 billion students from some 190 countries were affected by the shutdown of schools caused by COVID-19, reversing years of progress in education. 

Key demand of the question- The question talks about the impact of pandemic on education. One has to discuss the significance of revving education in the face pandemic crisis. 

Directive : Discuss. One has to debate the topic and should explain key  facts and issues and their significance.

Introduction: Mention the impact of Covid-19 induced lockdown on economy in general and education.


  • Write about the learning crisis triggered by the pandemic, give UNESCO data.
  • Impact on India
  • Funding constraints 

Way forward: Aligning NEP 2020 with recovery program, promoting tech based learning

Conclusion: Summarize the discussion.