Q.5) It is a well established fact that no nation aspiring to great power status can expect to achieve it without being substantively self-reliant in defence production. In this context, discuss the need for indigenization of defence technology.

Why this Question:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently handed over the indigenous main battle tank Arjun Mk­1A to the Army.

Key Demand of the Question:

Need and significance of indigenization in the defence sector and the impact it will have especially in the Indian context.


Discuss- back up the answer by carefully selected evidence to make a case for and against an argument, or point out the advantages and disadvantages of the given context and finally arrive at a conclusion.


Introduce by mentioning the level of GDP that India spends on defence procurements from different countries. 


In the first part, mention the need for indigenization of the defence technology and the impact it will have.

In the next part, mention the initiatives that have been taken by the Government to promote indigenization in the defence technology and the challenges ahead in this process. 


Conclude with a way forward.