Q.7) Facebook Inc., which also owns Whatsapp and Instagram, has sought to integrate the offerings from WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook. Discuss various issues related to online data privacy in India. Suggest a way forward to address these issues. (150 words)

Why this question?

  • Earlier this month, WhatsApp updated its privacy policy and asked users to agree to the changes before February 8. 

Key demand of the question: Online data privacy related issues

Introduction: Write about the context of the questions.

Body: Discuss about various related issues like

  • Right to privacy
  • Discriminatory treatment: Such data transfer from WhatsApp to Facebook is not possible in regions such as the EU, where data protection laws have stringent restrictions on storage and transfer of user data. 
  • Issues with Personal Data Protection Bill like possibility of govt’s surveillance etc

Way forward- Strong contractual conditions for data use

Conclusion: Conclude by emphasizing on a robust data protection mechanism in India.