Q.5) Digital infrastructure holds a key position in the successful roll out of India’s vaccination plan. Examine how Co-WIN platform can help effective dissemination of information related to vaccine efficacy.

Why this question:

A regular part of current affairs.

Key demand of the question:

Explain the importance of digital infrastructure in an effective vaccine implementation plan.


Examine- demonstrate critical examination of the subject. Recap or summarise the major themes or points in the question, and critically discuss them while giving your opinion.


Mention about the recent rollout of the Covid19 vaccine in India. Also mention about the CoWIN platform and its use.


In the first part write how digital infrastructure can be used as a key method to successfully implement vaccine rollout. Relate it to the CoWIN app.

In the next part write about the importance of having such infrastructure and also the challenges associated with it.


Conclude by giving measures needed by the government for building strong digital infrastructure.