Q.) India’s Electric vehicle policy, though in the right direction, will not help the country shift rapidly to EVs and dominate the electric mobility era. Examine in the light of FAME-II policy. Link 1, Link 2

Q.) Farm loan waiver is no panacea, but an emergency relief for some farmers, the solution lies in better schemes that ensure universal coverage for small, marginal and medium-sized farmers. Discuss. Link 1, Link 2 

Q.) Do you think there is a need today to make election commission a single member body? Justify your answer by giving suitable arguments. Also, examine the effectiveness of election commission of India in dealing with the contemporary issues related to elections in India. Link

Q.) Where a compromise is not possible, the government should be ready to push back on unreasonable demands. Discuss the given statement in light of India-US trade relations. Link 1Link 2

Q.) Talking about the collegium brings us to the question of judicial independence. Independence is always considered as a constraint on accountability. How do we reconcile the two? Link

Q.) Vidyasagar’s contribution to the making of modem India is many-sided. Above all Vidyasagar is remembered for uplifting India’s downtrodden womanhood. Discuss.