Election watchdog release a report which is based on the analysis of affidavits filed by the candidates with the Election Commission of India. Findings of report

  1.    Candidates with criminal cases increased: The share of candidates with criminal cases increased from 15% to 19% between the 2009 and 2019 elections
  2.    Share of crorepati candidate increases: The share of crorepati candidates increased from 16% to 29%.
  3.    Candidates are also far richer than the voters they represent: 50% candidates contesting the 2019 elections own net assets worth less than Rs 23.1 lakh. But, according to Credit Suisse’s Global Wealth Report 2018, 50% Indians had wealth worth less than $1,289 or about Rs 90,617 at the current exchange rate
Major reason for Increase in candidate with criminal background
  • Collapse of the election finance regime
  • A continuing breakdown of the law and order situation.
  • Rising Cost of campaign: Parties are unable to afford soaring costs of election campaigns. Therefore, self-financing by candidates is encouraged.
Impact If campaigns are self-financed, then candidates may view contesting elections as an investment rather than a sunk cost, leading to greater levels of corruption in office as legislators try to recoup the costs of contesting elections. Source: