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A marriage between a man and a transwoman is set to be registered in Tamil Nadu for the first time More in News
  • The couple — A. Srija, 20 and B. Arun Kumar, 23 — who got married last October at Sri Sankara Rameswarar temple in accordance with Hindu customs, approached the District Registrar Office to get their marriage registered, and are likely to receive their marriage certificate soon.
  • Earlier, Sub-Registrar office refused to issue a marriage certificate, citing lack of provisions in existing norms to formalise a cis-transgender marriage.
  • They then approached the High Court, which passed a significant judgment on April 22 upholding their marriage.
  • Madurai bench of Madras High Court stated that discrimination on the ground of sexual orientation impairs equality before the law, and held that the expression ‘bride’ under the Hindu Marriage Act would also include transwomen.
  • High court forbids the State authorities to question the self-determination of transgender as of a woman.
  • Last year, a transman and transwoman tied the knot in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
The Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill, 2016.
  • A transgender person is defined as one who is (i) ‘neither wholly male nor female’, or (ii) ‘a combination of male or female’, or (iii) ‘neither male nor female’. However, later cabinet modified the definition and has defined a transgender as “whose gender does not match with the gender assigned at birth and includes trans-men, trans-women, gender-queers, and other sociocultural identities
  • The Bill provides for ‘self-perceived gender identity’ i.e. persons can determine their gender on their own
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