In news: Wildlife experts have discovered the Impressive Tortoise also known as the Manouria impression – a new species of tortoise that are elusive and have never been previously sighted in India – near Yazali of Lower Subansiri district in Arunachal Pradesh .

More about Impressed tortoise:

  • The species were last found in Gwa in Myanmar, where Wildlife Conservation Society is carrying out breeding aimed to conserve the endangered tortoise for reintroduction into the wild.
  • IUCN  status: Vulnerable. 
  • Distribution: It occurs in mountainous forest areas in Southeast Asia in Burma, southern China, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and now has been found in India
  • Features: The species has a golden brown shell and skin. Adults are much smaller than their relatives the Asian forest tortoise (Manouria emys).  
  • Tortoises differ from turtles on account of being terrestrial animals.