Context: Ministry of Earth Sciences is constantly striving to improve Air Quality Early Warning System 

More on the news:

  • The Air Quality forecast model System for Integrated modeling of Atmospheric composition (SILAM) for India has been recently improved by implementing global emission inventories supplemented with the coarse and mineral-fine anthropogenic particulate matter at 10km resolution.
  • A very high-resolution city scale model ENFUSER (ENvironmental information FUsion SERvice) for Delhi also has been operationalized to identify the air pollution hotspots and pollution up to the street level.
  • SILAM and ENFUSER have been developed in technical collaboration with Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI).
  • Air Quality forecast model WRF-Chem has also been recently updated with high-resolution land use land cover information to improve the air quality forecast.

ENFUSER (ENvironmental information FUsion SERvice)

  • The specialty of the ENFUSER is the high utilization of measurement data such as air quality observations, a detailed description of the road network, buildings, land-use information, high resolution satellite images, ground elevation and population data. 
  • It natively taps into the operative IMD’s regional SILAM access point. 
  • The ENFUSER results are being evaluated with the satellite measurements and observations, model is found to capture the hotspots over Delhi very well.