Context: The Department of Personnel and Training has announced the launch of a learning platform (https://igot.gov.in) to combat COVID 19 for all front-line workers to equip them with the training and updates in coping with Pandemic.  

More about the news:

  • Appropriate training will prepare them for the subsequent stages of the pandemic. 
    • By providing training to other potential second line workforce for combating COVID-19, India will be better prepared for the emergent situations. 
    • The target group is Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Hygiene Workers, Technicians, Auxiliary Nursing Midwives (ANMs), Central & State Govt. Officers, Civil Defence Officials, various Police Organisations, National Cadet Corps (NCC), Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan (NYKS), National Service Scheme (NSS), Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS), Bharat Scouts & Guides (BSG) and other volunteers.  
  • The platform delivers curated, role-specific content, to each learner at his place of work or home and to any device of his choice. 

About iGOT platform:

Image source: https://diksha.gov.in/igot/

  • The  platform is designed to population scale, and will provide training to around 1.50 crore workers and volunteers in the coming weeks. 
  • To begin with, nine courses on iGOT have been launched on topics like Basics of COVID, ICU Care and Ventilation Management, Clinical Management, Infection Prevention through PPE, Infection Control and Prevention, Quarantine and Isolation, Laboratory Sample Collection and Testing, Management of COVID 19 Cases, COVID 19 Training.
  • Through its customized approach COVID-WARRIORS can learn about critical areas from this one-stop source and respond to the prevailing and emergent situations, by keeping themselves updated in a real-time manner. 
  • The platform is well equipped to cater the demands of unlimited requests of learning at any time anywhere. 
  • The platform can be accessed by following an easy to use manual for desktop and mobile versions, thereby making it accessible for all.
  • The platform reflects the vision of ‘care for those who serve the nation’ and boost their morale. 

As a critical weapon in the arsenal of all front line COVID-19 healthcare warriors, their updated knowledge and capacity, will help them and our nation win the battle against COVID-19 Pandemic. 

iGOT (Integrate Online Government Training)


  • The National Training Policy, 2012 mandates that all civil servants will be provided with training to equip them with the competencies for their current or future jobs.  
    • Such training is to be imparted at the time of their entry into service, and at appropriate intervals in the course of their careers. 
    • That is where the concept of the scheme of 'Training for All' (TFA) had emerged.
  • It is practically impossible for the accredited training institutions alone to fully cater to the training needs of a large number of Government functionaries. 
  • Therefore, augmenting the existing training mechanism with online module-based training coupled with certification, has emerged as the most viable option to cater to the training requirements in the Government. 
  • This approach is aimed at putting in place a systematic training hierarchy, which shall cater to the training requirements of the officials, commensurate with their changing role with upward movement in the training hierarchy.
  • The latest technologies make available vast resources of learning material and Integrate Online Government Training, providing individuals enormous choices and flexibility in learning.
  • To carry this vision forward, the Integrate Online Government Training Programme through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) mechanism has been introduced on pilot basis.  
    • The MOOCs mechanism would be a platform to bring together the numerous Government and other training institutions for providing a single point of access to the repository of training resources. 
  • The training will be available onsite and can be taken at leisure.

Source: https://pib.gov.in/newsite/PrintRelease.aspx?relid=201101