Context:  India’s rank in Human Development Index slipped from 130 in 2020 to 132 rank in 2022.

It has been observed that India’s decline in index is line with global trend since the outbreak of COVID-19 during which 90% of countries have fallen backward in human development.

About Human Development Index:

It is published by Human Development Report Office for UNDP (United Nation Development Program).

It measures average achievement of a country in three basic dimensions of human development which are as follows:

1. A long and healthy life,

2. Education and,

3. Decent standard of living

All these are calculated using four indicators which are- Life expectancy at birth, Mean year of schooling, expected year of schooling, and Gross National Income (GNI).

India’s Scenario:

India’s HDI score of 0.633 places whereas world’s average is 0.732.

India’s performance in Indicators of Human Development of Index:

1. Life expectancy: India’s average life expectancy stands at 67.2 years. (World Average: 71.4 years)

2. Gross National Income (GNI): GNI per capita stood at $6590. (World Average $16,752)

3. Expected years of schooling stands at 11.9 years. (World Average: 12.8 years)

4. Mean year of schooling: 6.7 years. (World average: 8.6 years)

India is behind the world in all aforementioned parameter.