In this page, we have listed some points for How To Read NCERT Books For Civil Services Exam Preparation.   [caption id="attachment_17025" align="aligncenter" width="294"]UPSC Civil Services Exam Preparation Book How to read NCERT books for civil services exam preparation[/caption] Effective reading of NCERTs is most essential to start UPSC civil service exam preparation. Since you have not been exposed properly to the topics dealt in the NCERTs, it is natural that it will take time for you to understand them. Please don't worry, as it is the same case with everybody. If u hurry, then you will be at loss. Studying NCERTs is a sheer joy, enjoy it. Move to the big books after u finish the NCERTs.

Best strategies to Read NCERT Books to prepare IAS exam

When it comes to reading, it’s not only about what you read but also how you read. As NCERT books are a must for all IAS aspirants to clear IAS exam, it also becomes important to know how to read them. Let’s first take a look at why you should read NCERT Books. 1- Choose any subject of your interest. It is up to you which method you choose to prepare for your exam. But choosing the method one is going to help you a lot as Learning the same subject without creating gap will consume less time and will help you to understand and remember the terms you studied more easily. But sometimes it may happen that, If you study the same book continuously you may get bored and lose your momentum to avoid these take any other subject also and after completing any topic make a note for it. 2- Make a Proper Note:- Every word in the NCERT is important. It has to be understood in a proper context. Initially, u wouldn’t have the context and you will go for the literal meaning of things. As u read more and more u will start generating the contextual understanding. This is the main reason, why notes should not be made and these books have to be read again and again. If you make notes, it will never be comprehensive. 3- Complete all chapters from the chosen subject in the targeted time. Complete all the subject chapter wise & make a targeted timeline, Now it feels like you are reading a novel. You can also highlight the important topic, Dates & events, etc. This gonna hard for the first time but always remember Civil services preparation requires perseverance and innovation along with respect. Respect the process, exams, and preparation. 4- Small revisions: Revision can be done in a baby step method. Just give 10–15 minutes of slot three times a day to ensure effective revision with retention.

How to do this?

  • Make a timetable for yourself.
  • Note how much time do you have in your hands and how much you can devote to this.
  • Then make a to-do list (for topics and subjects) for one month.
  • Then break down this one-month to-do list to one week and then to one day.
  • This way you will achieve more in less time.

List of NCERT Books for UPSC Civil Services Examination


  • (Old textbooks for XI and XII)
  • Modern India: Bipan Chandra
  • Medieval India: Satish Chandra
  • Ancient India: RS Sharma
  • An Introduction to Indian Art (New book for XI th)

General Science

All Science Textbooks from Std. VI to Std. X


  • All Geography Books (Old editions): From Std. VI to Std. X
  • New edition for Std X: Contemporary India
  • New edition Geography books: For Std. XI, XII

Indian Economy

  • Understanding Economic Development (X th)
  • Indian Economic Development (XI th)
  • Macroeconomics (XII th)

Indian Polity

  • Indian Constitution at Work (XI th)
  • Politics in India since Independence

Indian Society

  • Indian Society (XII th)
  • Social Change in India (XII th)

Steps to Download NCERT books for UPSC Exam

  1. You can download all NCERT books for IAS preparation from the official NCERT website.
  2. Once you click on the above link, a new tab will open. Click on the link for ePathshala.
  3. Select the class, subject, and book title accordingly.
  4. Once you select the book, the ebook will be opened. You can download that ebook by clicking on the download option on the top left of the window.
Some FAQ's
How many NCERT books do you need to read? Combining all the subjects from all the classes you need to read about 40-44 books in total. How much time does it take to cover all NCERT books? You have to read about 40-44 books in total and it would take you about 3 days to complete one book which contains about 14-16 chapters. So, in total it would take you about 2.5- 3 months to read all the books. Read Also:- Daily In-depth Articles Previous Year Questions Mains Drill Program