Context: Seven people died in Baghpat and Meerut in 24 hours after drinking spurious liquor.


  • ‘Hooch’ is a term used for spurious alcoholic preparations. 
  • Spurious liquors include: 
  • illicit liquor (un-authorized preparation, not fit for human consumption and not complying with the BIS standards) and 
  • denatured alcohol (prepared for industrial uses and is rendered entirely unfit for human consumption by adding denaturants). 
  • Methyl alcohol (methanol) is a commonly used adulterant because of its appearance and taste similar to ethyl alcohol and its easy availability. 
  • On consumption, methanol is changed into formic acid inside the body and adversely affects various organ systems.
  • In cases of ‘hooch’ tragedy, toxicity often comes from drinking methanol, which results in blindness, tissue damage or death. 
  • Delay in providing antidote (ethyl alcohol) at the initial stage leads to more casualties. 
  • Ethyl alcohol, widely known as ethanol, grain alcohol or drinking alcohol, is found in alcoholic beverages.