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Daily Mains Answer Writing

Writing the UPSC exam is all about how well you present your knowledge. Hence developing writing skills plays a very crucial role in the UPSC Mains Examination. It is often noticed that some students are very good at learning and speaking but when it comes to jotting down the same thing on a piece of paper, they fail to express it. Such students lack writing skills and need a lot of practice to develop their skills to meet the UPSC standards. JV’s introduces you all to the Daily Mains Answer Writing in which students can attempt the daily mains question and upload the answer to be evaluated by experts which will help them enhance their writing skills

Daily Mains Answer Writing

The apparent purpose of mains answer writing practice is to avoid wasting time in the exam room. The practice builds an insight into daily answer writing for UPSC mains. It takes a lot of effort to compose and craft answers for the questions in the three hours you have for each paper. You must maintain the presentation while ensuring that there are no filler phrases that deviate from the main point.

To instil all of the attributes such as relevance, crispness, neatness, sticking to the word limit, and coherence in your answers, you'll need to practise. Writing also aids in the organisation of your thoughts.

Keeping all this in mind, JV’s IAS has come with Daily MARg- Answer writing Program which is a comprehensive coverage of General Studies Mains papers and focuses on how to write proper answers with an appropriate introduction, body, and conclusion, as well as how to construct a coherent answer.

Special Features:

  • Training on how to approach question in Mains depending on Directive words like: Analyse, Critically analyse, Discuss, Elucidate,
  • Time bound answer evaluation
  • Coverage of syllabus through Questions and Model answers

Daily Answer writing practice for UPSC mains is an essential element of preparation; without it, you won't be able to pass the exam. JV’s IAS daily answer writing course 'DAILY MARG'- Sure path to LBSNAA is a ONE-STOP SOLUTION to assist you develop answer writing abilities so you can ace the UPSC mains.