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All India Free Prelims Mock Test - UPSC CSE 2021


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JV's Final Lap Prelims Test Series - 2 UPSC CSE - 2021



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JV's MARG- Mains Answer wRiting Guidance Program 2021-22


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JV’s Mains Guidance Programme UPSC CSE- 2022 ( Feb Batch 2021)

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JV’s Mains Guidance Programme UPSC CSE- 2021 (Feb Batch 2021)


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JV’s Mains Guidance Programme

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Welcome to JV’s: One stop solution for UPSC Preparation.

To begin with, why do aspirants need to practice Test Series? Aspirants have been preparing hard from so long, completing the immense syllabus UPSC has prescribed for the Civil Services Examination. Aspirants have studied the subjects and topics in-depth with reading the newspapers daily (The Hindu and The Indian Express). So, undoubtedly preparation for the UPSC has been going farely well!

Why solve the Test Series?

Aspirants cannot take UPSC Exam for granted that they’ll clear all the three stages with studying hard and completing the syllabus alone. You need to know where you stand among thousands of aspirants preparing as hard as you are. If an aspirant has to pull off his ambition to go for the training in LBSNAA and join the Indian Administrative Services, then, the Test Series are your guide through the way:

1. Prelims Test Series

The first stage of the Civil Services Examination -Preliminary Exam comprises of 2 Papers each of 200 marks:

  1. GS Paper I- General Studies (100 questions)
  2. GS Paper II- CSAT (80 questions)

The Prelims Test Series provided by Jatin Verma’s IAS Academy is designed strictly based on the UPSC pattern in a competent manner. The Test Series furnishes aspirants well for prelims to qualify the CSAT and score good in the General Studies Paper.
Even though the Prelims is a qualifying Exam, aspirants must not take it lightly. It would only be in the best of the interests for all aspirants to prepare thoroughly well for the Prelims.
Failing the Prelims would not allow aspirants to proceed ahead with the Mains. And at JV’s IAS Academy, we are providing you with the highly competent and best Prelims Test Series so that aspirants qualify the Prelims successfully.

2. Mains Test Series:

Unlike the Prelims, the Mains examination is subjective in nature. Preparing for the Mains requires a lot more detailed study and regular answer writing practice in a time bound manner.

Your score in the Mains is the sole decider of your rank in the final merit list. JV’s IAS Academy provides the students with Mains Test Series including the Essay Paper Test Series.

Attempting Online IAS PT Test Series will help aspirants to monitor the progress of their preparation

Solving the UPSC Test Series is simply indispensable. Whether online or offline, the Test Series provides multiple benefits to the aspirants:

  1. Boosting Confidence

  2. Attempting the Best Test Series in a time bound manner helps aspirants boost their confidence. Thus, aspirants are molded in that pattern and way of thinking for the questions and hence, do not panic when it actually comes to facing the Civil Services Examination. And facing any Exam with a confident relaxed mind helps aspirants to answer logically, leaving a positive impact on your scoring potential.

  3. Self assessment

    Solving the Test Series helps aspirants to keep a check on self progress of their preparation. As a result, they can move further accordingly, working on weaker sections to improve them. Practicing regular test series would help aspirants facing the exam in a much easier way than it would have been otherwise.

    Jatin Verma’s IAS Academy provides aspirants with competent Mock Tests in order to facilitate them with all the skills required for this exam.
    The Academy also provides Free Prelims Test Series, apart from the Mains Test Series.

Why Jatin Verma’s IAS Test Series 2021?

  1. The Mock Tests question PDF can be downloaded after online attempt.

  2. Detailed analysis provided.

  3. The Test Series are designed as per the recent UPSC trends and level.

Besides the above, the aspirants are also provided with highly competent material to study to aid their preparation for the IAS Exam. The IAS Prelims Test Series are highly flexible so that the aspirants can attempt the tests series on website and JV’s app both.

JV’s New initiative of Free Prelims Test Series for 2021 named “Final lap” will be available on JV’s App only.