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The education system in India Ministry of Human Resource Development plans to launch an ambitious ₹1.5 lakh crore action plan to improve the quality and accessibility of higher education over the next five years.

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  • National Education Policy: Government is also likely to be released National Education Policy in a week's time, after five years of repeated delays and extensions. The last NEP was released in 1986, with a revision in 1992.
  • National Research Fund: The ministry, along with Science and Technology Ministry, plans to set up an umbrella body, which will subsume the Science and Engineering Research Body, to fund all research activities in the country. The draft Act will be ready by month-end.
  • Fill vacant posts: The ministry will set up an online portal to monitor filling up of vacant teaching positions across the state and central universities and private institutions.
  • HRD Ministry plan will unveil a five-year vision document covering themes such as access, quality, excellence, governance systems, research and innovation, employability, accreditation processes, use of technology for education, internationalization and financing the higher education.
  • The ten committees have drafted strategy under the EQUIP project
    • to improve access to higher education, especially for underserved communities;
    • improve the gross enrolment ration; improve teaching and learning processes;
    • build educational infrastructure; improve the quality of research and innovation;
    • use technology and online learning tools; and
    • work on accreditation systems, governance structures, and financing.


  • EQUIP project is an acronym for ‘Education Quality Upgradation and Inclusion Programme’ (Equip)
  • It aimed at improving quality and boost access to education in India. EQUIP will be a similar program for the higher education system as that of the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan for school education.
  • For EQUIP, the MHRD has joined hands with various experts including NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant and others from the think-tank to look at several aspects such as – the quality of education, accessibility, accreditation, employment, research, governance, and finance.
  • With EQUIP, the MHRD is also striving to bring about more clarity and transparency on issues such as – appointment of vice-chancellors and fund grants for institutions.
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