Context: The Ministry of Youth and Sports affairs has signed a statement of intent with YuWaah (a multi-stakeholder platform formed by UNICEF).

More on News:

  • The aim is to realise the vision of mobilising 1 crore youth volunteers in India and help reap the demographic dividend with YuWaah’s support.
  • India currently has approximately 50% of its population under 25 years which calls robust focus in education and skill development. 
  • This will include collaboration on -
    • Supporting young people in entrepreneurship, 
    • Upskilling young people, 
    • Creating linkages with aspirational socio-economic opportunities, 
    • Promoting changemaking and civic participation among young people, 
    • Providing career guidance support to young people, 
    • Supporting direct dialogue and the establishment of a feedback mechanism between young people and policy stakeholders, and 
    • Building the capacity of the NSS and NYKS cadre and volunteer force on sustainable development goals.

Generation Unlimited India (YuWaah!):

  • It is to enable India’s youth and connect them to aspirational work and engage them as active change-makers. 
  • As a part of Generation Unlimited, UNICEF India program focuses on - 
    • Career Guidance 
    • Life Skills
    • Youth Engagement 
    • Flexible Learning
  • Businesses, government, innovators, UN agencies, civil society organizations and young people teamed up on 1st November 2019 to launch the initiative so they can both chart India's growth trajectory and gain from it.


Image Source: PIB