Context: ‘Goal’ (Going Online as Leaders) programme of M/o Tribal Affairs for Digital Skilling of Tribal Youth across India in partnership with Facebook was recently launched.


  • Facebook had on its own run the project on pilot basis from February 2019 to October 2019 in 5 states with 100 mentees and 25 mentors;which received enthusiastic response. 
  • Based on its success, Facebook approached MoTA for a joint initiative under affirmative action and help Facebook in selection of mentees, design curriculum and various activities under the program.

About the Program:

  • GOAL (Going Online As Leaders) is a Joint initiative of Facebook India with the Ministry of Tribal affairs.
  • Objectives:
    • The program aims to enable Scheduled Tribe (ST) youth in remote areas to use digital platforms for sharing their aspirations, dreams and talent with their mentors.
    • It is designed to provide mentorship to tribal youth through digital mode.
  • How will it work?
    • In this program, 5000 scheduled tribe youth (to be called ‘Mentees’) will get an excellent opportunity to get training by experts from different disciplines and fields (to be called ‘Mentors’). 
    • There will be 1 mentor for 2 mentees. 
    • The IT based system is designed to match mentors and mentees so that they are from similar professions and preferably speak the same language. 
    • The selected mentees will remain engaged in the program for nine months or 36 weeks comprising 28 weeks of mentorship followed by eight weeks of internship.
    • At least 250 Fellows who are getting scholarships from the Ministry of Tribal Affairs under the National Scholarship and Fellowship Scheme and are part of Tribal Talent Pool will also be mentored through the program. 
    • All the selected mentees will be provided with smartphones and Internet access (for one year) by Facebook .
  • The program will focus on three core areas – Digital Literacy, Life Skills and Leadership and Entrepreneurship, and on sectors such as Agriculture, Art & Culture, Handicrafts & Textiles, Health, Nutrition, among others. 
  • Efforts will be made to integrate the program with other government schemes such as Kaushal Vikas Yojana, Skill India, Start Up India, Stand Up India, among others. 
    • This will enable participants to leverage opportunities provided under these government schemes.


  • Exploring the Hidden Talents: The digitally enabled program envisages to act as a catalyst to explore hidden talents of the tribal youth, which will help in their personal development as well as contribute to all-round upliftment of their society. 
  • Integrating the Tribals with Mainstream: Digital skilling and technology will integrate them into the mainstream. 
    • It will develop Tribal Entrepreneurship and connect Tribal Youth to Domestic and International Markets through Digital Platforms.
  • Curtail the Digital divide: Initiatives like this significantly help in reducing the digital divide between tribals and non tribals.
    • A digital divide is any uneven distribution in the access to, use of, or impact of Information and Communication Technologies between any number of distinct groups
  • Empowerment of Tribal Women: The program will go a long way in creating an environment for empowerment of tribal women by connecting them with the digital world and using digital platforms to groom their talents. 
  • Financial Independence: The program would be successful in making fruitful impact towards enabling the ST youth to become financially independent as thus tackle adverse situations like Covid pandemic.
  • Awareness generation: The program will also create awareness amongst tribal beneficiaries about various schemes initiated by Central and State Governments for welfare of STs as well as their fundamental duties. 



Image Source: PIB