Context:India has recently improved its ranking in the global innovation index by five places to 52nd in 2019 from 57th position in the last year.

Global Innovation Index,2019

  • This year, India hosted the launch of the 2019 edition of the GII. 
  • Theme “Creating Healthy Lives: The Future of Medical Innovation” is important and relevant for India because we would need a strong focus on medical innovation towards the goal of bringing healthcare and its delivery to all Indians.
  • Switzerland retained its number-one spot on the index. Other economies in the top 10 are: Sweden, the US, the Netherlands, the UK, Finland, Denmark, Singapore, Germany and Israel.
  • India’s performance 
    • According to the GII, India is the most innovative country in Central and Southern Asia since 2011 and has consistently outperformed innovation relative to its GDP per capita for nine years in a row.
    • India is consistently among the top in the world in innovation drivers such ICT services exports, graduates in science and engineering, the quality of universities and scientific publications, economy-wide investments and also creative goods exports. 

About Global Innovation Index:

  • It has been developed by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) together with top business universities like Cornell University, INSEAD etc. 
  • Parameters:It measures the innovative capacity and outputs of 129 economies, using 80 indicators ranging from standard measurements such as research and development investments and patent and trademark filings, to mobile-phone app creation and high-tech net exports.