Hello Aspirants!!! Jatin Verma’s IAS Academy is glad to announce it's new Free Comprehensive and Integrated Civil Service Preparation Plan for 2020”.


This program will start from "23rd September 2019." 

Download Plan(SpreadSheet)  - (Access (the part-1) free preparation Plan, 2020)

Download Plan(pdf)  - (Access (the part-1) free preparation Plan, 2020)


On a daily basis, we come across a number of queries related to “Strategy for UPSC 2020”. There has been a huge demand on various platforms by many students, for a holistic and systematic schedule for covering the Static+Current Affairs. To solve this challenge, we have prepared a detailed plan (part-1) that would be easy to follow and cover the whole syllabus for preparation of Civil Services 2020, examination in limited time.

Why follow this plan for CSE 2020 Preparation? It has been proven by the testimonies of rank holders that students need to schedule their studies and stick to it, to crack the toughest UPSC examination. Our plan will cover all important sources required to qualify for the UPSC 2020 examination. Some of the features of this plan are:

  1. Time management: It is a famous saying among UPSC aspirants that anything happening under the sun becomes the syllabus of the UPSC examination. Thus, time management becomes an important element to cover all major aspects that can be asked. We have divided the vast syllabus of UPSC into small parts to make it manageable under a limited time period. 
  2. Coherent plan: We have organized the different subjects in a way that you don’t have to cover the same subject separately for Prelims and Mains.
  3. Previous Year Questions: Importance of Previous Year Questions (PYQs) is not a hidden fact. Although the trend of next year exam cannot be predicted as proved by UPSC still, PYQs provide an idea of many important aspects like the focus areas of UPSC and types of questions that are being asked, thus we are going to include, previously asked question by UPSC in our tests.
  4. Improvisation: To keep the scope of improvisation we will be providing 60 days program at once in part 1 of our program and then the next part will be released after a thorough discussion and further needs of the aspirants.

What is required from the student’s side?

  1. Adherence to the schedule: To take the full benefit of the program students need to read and practice on a daily basis.
  2. Helping each other: Other than our assistance, Students must try to help each other and resolve each other’s doubts. As rightly said by Richard Stallman, “Sharing knowledge is the most fundamental act of friendship. Because it is a way you can give something without losing something.”  
  3. Suggestions: If you feel that any changes in our further plan can help all the students in a better way, compared to the present plan, feel free to provide suggestions.  

Different parts of the Program - This program will include: 

I- STATIC PART PREPARATION The requirement of reading static content lies in the fact that you need to clear the basics of every subject before you can implement those into real-world issues. Thus, reading and understanding static content cannot be avoided at any cost.  Link - (Access the free preparation Plan for static, 2020) To cover the static part of UPSC syllabus, we are starting the following initiatives: 

  • Static content: We will provide you the content of the static part of the syllabus from time to time.
  • Daily Practice: Daily practice of topics (plan will be provided) by MCQs and Mains answer writing. The plan suggests the topics that you would read in a day to solve our test the next day. 
  • Weekly Revisions: Weekly MCQs tests of everything covered (Static or current) in the previous week.

II - CURRENT AFFAIRS PREPARATION UPSC wants aspirants to be aware of what’s happening in our country and around and understand the depth of all issues. Their aim is to select students, who understand all issues in their depth through different dimensions and think rationally as per the facts and rules instead of emotions. (doesn’t mean emotionless, empathy is a very important quality needed to be a good civil servant). In the Current Affairs part of our plan our aim, we will cover all major sources through many different initiatives based upon the requirement of preparation.

  • Daily News Prescription: This initiative will provide a list of important articles appearing in the news on a daily basis. 
  • Daily Important articles summaries: To cover daily news comprehensively, we would be providing you with the Summarized and enhanced version of news articles from All major newspapers such as The Hindu, Indian Express, ToI, etc. and PIB.
  • Daily In-Depth analysis: To provide detailed coverage of all major issues, we would, on a daily basis, be providing you, with the Daily In-Depth articles. It would be a one-stop solution to understand the back and forth of any major issue.
  • Daily Current Affairs MCQs: Practising, what we have read is the most important activity to remember anything for longer period. Thus to fulfill this requirement would be providing you with daily tests on the topics appearing in newspapers and PIB. RSTV and AIR: An enhanced version of all important topics appearing in RSTV and AIR would be provided from time to time. 

Weekly and monthly Initiatives   

Current + static Weekly tests: Revision of everything you have learned in the week is the most crucial part of your preparation. It will help you in recalling the content in the examination hall. For this purpose, one weekly test that will contain topics of the week appeared in news and static as per our schedule will be provided.

Monthly compilation for Prelims: A monthly compilation of all significant facts and concepts will be provided that will be focussed specifically on the preparation of Preliminary examination. 

Monthly magazine: A high-quality Monthly magazine is already being published by us. This magazine is the crux of all important news articles from all major newspapers, PIB, Yojana Kurukshetra.   

Timing of our Daily initiatives: 

7 AM:  Mains Answer Writing Program
9 AM:  Daily News Prescription
11 AM: Daily static MCQs
3 PM:  Synopsis for Mains answer writing program (Next day of posting questions)
5 PM:  In-depth Articles
6:30 PM: Daily important articles summaries
8:30 PM:  Daily Current Affairs MCQs