In News: Delhi’s Feroz Shah Kotla stadium is set to be renamed Arun Jaitley Stadium after the former Finance Minister.

About Feroz Shah Tughlaq:

  • He was born in 1309 and became sultan of Delhi after the demise of his cousin Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq.
  • He was the third ruler of the Tughlaq dynasty that ruled over Delhi from 1320 to 1412 AD. He was in power from 1351 to 1388 AD.     
  • He used to pay his army in kind i.e Land and not in real money.
  • The British called him the ‘father of the irrigation department’ because of the many gardens and canals that he built like -
    • Canal connecting Yamuna to the city of Hissar.
    • Canal connecting Sutlej to the Ghaggar.
    • Ghaggar to Firozabad.
  • Taxes imposed under Firoz Shah Tughlaq:
    • Kharaj: Land tax equal to one-tenth of the produce of the land.
    • Zakat: two and a half per cent tax on property of  muslims
    • Kham: War Booty tax in which 1/5th was state’s share and 4/5th was given to soldiers.
    • Jaziya: levied on the non-Muslim subjects, particularly the Hindus. Women and children were, however, exempted from the taxes.
    • Also levied other taxes like the octroi tax irrigation tax, garden tax, and the sales tax.
  • Contributions:
    • He established the Diwan-i-Khairat for the welfare of the poor and needy.
    • He established the Diwan-i-Bundagan for the welfare slave
    • He made Sarais (rest house) for the benefit of merchants and other travellers
    • He adopted the iqtadari System 
    • Established four new towns, Firozabad, Fatehabad, Jaunpur and Hissar.
    • He established hospitals known as Darul-Shifa, Bimaristan or Shifa Khana.